Héberjeune of Parc Extension offers a multitude of presentations and workshops with various thematics that informs and educates on the subject of drug addiction. The best way to reduce the risks associated with drug use and addiction is by being informed of the advantages and consequences. The best approach in preventing and reducing harm is by ensuring a healthy and controlled discussion, answering pertinant questions and access to information sessions (presentations) to educate and deconstruct erroneous facts. We have several presentations that are addapted to the different age groups of the community; primary school (grade 5-6) to seniors. The presenter can either organize the workshop at Héberjeune or displace to the participants.


The workshops/presentations that are available are :

  • Legal drugs
    • Cafeine
    • Nicotine
    • Alcohol
    • Medication
  • Illegal drugs
    • Different category of drugs (can be specific as well)
  • Addiction
  • Communication tools and techniques (addiction, drug use)