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1) Admission criteria

Admission of young adults to Héberjeune de Parc Extension is determined by a committee that evaluates the candidacies along precise criteria. As a rule, candidates are referred by workers in aid relationship from several health and social services youth organizations.

The young adult must :

  • Be aged from 18 to 25 years old;
  • Be referred, preferably by a worker from an institution or community organization;
  • Be willing to undertake a mentoring process
  • Be ready to apply the measures of the intervention plan agreed upon with the case worker and included in the residence contract;
  • Demonstrate a reasonable level of motivation;
  • Demonstrate a capacity to function in shared living quarters;
  • Have resided in the City of Montreal for 12 consecutive months during the last two years.
  • Have a limited income


1) What are the goals pursued in our strategies ?

Our workers deeply care about personal development in their strategies.

Our objectives …

  • Facilitate the social and economic integration of young underprivileged adults (18 to 25 year old) by developing their social abilities;
  • Offer a specialized service in drug addiction in Parc Extension, to prevent violence, to counter addiction and crime and to improve the quality of life for young people;
  • To make this service accessible to young adults who rarely, if at all, take advantage of the resources offered to them, through neighbourhood projects (local joint, contact with street workers, key case workers, etc.)


1) How does the organization prepare us for the workplace?

Héberjeune offers its members a variety of workshops and activities on a regular basis to help them be better prepared to face the realities of the workplace (such as job interviews, résumé preparation, practical tips, research strategies, etc.).

2) What are the aspects considered ?

Our workers touch upon these aspects during their workshops:

  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Pinpoint their interests and competence in terms of job selection
  • Be aware of job searching techniques
  • Know one’s own personal and professional values
  • Explore the workplace concretely
  • Develop socio professional integration