As a non-profit organization, Héberjeune de Parc Extension has adopted a structure that allows it to monitor its activities and to work toward its objectives.

Administration council :

The Board of directors of Héberjeune de Parc Extension is made up of seven members, including two representatives from a youth organization, four from the community and one representative of the residents. The mandate of the Board of directors is to oversee the efficiency of the organization in terms of administration as well as quality of its professional interventions.


The admission council :

The admission board is made up of professionals connected with the organization. The main task of this board is to evaluate the referred young adults and to treat the new requests on a regular basis, taking into account their urgency and submission date. Requests from Parc Extension youngsters are treated in priority.

The intervention team :

The team responsible for the daily operations of Héberjeune de Parc Extension is made up mainly of:

  • The management, responsible for managing the organization and its human resources.
  • Social workers, responsible for the interventions, support and follow-up with the residents (young adults and young mothers).
  • Employment advisors, responsible for supporting the young adults (residents or not) in their social and professional integration initiatives.
  • A case worker specialized in drug addiction, responsible for prevention, interventions and information aimed both at community workers and youngsters in the area.


Occasionally, Héberjeune de Parc Extension also calls upon contractual workers for limited period of times to carry out special programs and events.

In accordance with the different goals that were set at its inception, Héberjeune de Parc Extension offers a wide range of services to the young people who have agreed to initiate a process of social reintegration by becoming part of the resource

Here are the 5 main services :

  1. Lodging
  2. Social support
  3. Workplace reintegration
  4. Drug addiction specialized interventions
  5. Group activities



Héberjeune offers young adults, according to certain selection criteria, assistance to find adequate accommodation for a period of time. Each year, the organization helps young mothers and young adults through hardships, affording them the time to put things back together. To learn more about this service, visit this page: Lodging.


The organization has also put together a service to assist certain persons with drug addiction problems. A specialized worker helps these young adults to control their addiction and provides them with means so that they don’t fall when the going gets rough. To learn more about this service, visit this page: Drug addictions.


Héberjeune de Parc Extension offers a variety of services to prepare them for work. These services have been designed specifically for academically, socially and economically underprivileged young adults. Visit Preparation-for-the-workplace to know more.