To help young adults develop their abilities and acquire the competence needed to integrate the workplace or go back to school; Héberjeune de Parc Extension offers a variety of services to prepare them for work. These services have been designed specifically for academically, socially and economically underprivileged young adults.

Different aspects touched upon with young adults :

  • Self-knowledge and self-esteem
  • Dynamic approach to job searching
  • Exploring the workplace through different approaches
  • Evaluation, accompaniment, references and follow-up

All this to help young adults to :

  • Increase their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Pinpoint their interests and competence in terms of job selection
  • Be aware of job searching techniques
  • Know one’s own personal and professional values
  • Explore the workplace from a practical standpoint
  • Develop socio professional integration


Create your resume

To make things easier, we put a few examples of résumés at your disposal.

Template to download :



Héberjeune offers young adults, according to certain selection criteria, assistance to find adequate accommodation for a period of time. Each year, the organization helps young mothers and young adults through hardships, affording them the time to put things back together. To learn more about this service, visit this page: Lodging.


The organization has also put together a service to assist certain persons with drug addiction problems. A specialized worker helps these young adults to control their addiction and provides them with means so that they don’t fall when the going gets rough. To learn more about this service, visit this page: Drug addiction