Such an organization is necessary since it helps numerous people to get back on track through hard times. This is the kind of organization that makes a difference in society, helping it to move in the right direction. As all community oriented organizations in Quebec, this one needs us in order to grow and provide even more assistance to those who need it the most. Together, we can make a difference.

M. Pouliot
Graphic Designer

My first year at Carrière was a very enjoyable experience. I even kept photographs taken during the activities and excursions that summer of 2015. Many special thanks to Jori Dema for his willingness and understanding. In addition, I was touched by the sympathy the young people offered us during that time. It is important for me to thank you for having welcomed me in your Héberjeune organization. During these two months, I had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and abilities.

These will be very useful to the realization or my future projects. Also, the time and attention you had the kindness to spare on me were not lost. Héberjeune can be likened to a huge family. The economic context and compressions forced us to be creative and to offer many free activities during the summer of 2015. Being a witness to intervention situations, I got acquainted with the professionalism of the Héberjeune team in each aspect. It is indeed a solid team that cumulates lots of skills and a great expertise. I am proud to notice that our young people are more than satisfied with the results and I am as happy for their confidence and their support. I am proud to have collaborated with the great Héberjeune family that spans three locations in the Parc Extension area.

With all my gratitude, please accept my best regards

Saba Dawood


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