Our mission

Héberjeune de Parc Extension is a non-profit organization. Its mission consists in offering temporary lodging to struggling young adults, aged 18 to 25, coupled with a framework and intensive support contributing to their social integration.

The needs, the recourse and a path to autonomy

As you read this document, you will discover how the team of Héberjeune de Parc Extension helps many young adults, day in and day out, thus having a significant influence on their future. This document aims to give an accurate description of the work accomplished for young adults by the whole Héberjeune de Parc Extension team (case workers, board members, etc.).

The young people of today are confronted with diverse problems. Many among them are beset by numerous deficiencies at the earliest stage of life, be they economic, social, intellectual or emotional. These will influence and inevitably compromise their opportunity to make it in society

However, it sometimes takes only one person, one pat on the back, one shelter at the right moment to put the life of a young adult on a positive track. Héberjeune de Parc Extension wants to provide that spark, that drive belt that will allow a young adult a better chance of attaining success and autonomy.

A short story about the organization

Héberjeune / rue Hutchison et Jarry

It is in November 1993, aiming to respond to the glaring needs of the borough’s youth, that community organizations mobilized to create a non-profit shelter organization: Héberjeune de Parc Extension.

It is in February 1994 that Heberjeune de Parc Extension officially opened with its 13 studios welcoming young adults in a building belonging to the Montreal Office municipal d’habitation in the Parc Extension borough.

One thing leading to another, new services were added to this initial intervention: services to help integrating in the workplace and specialized interventions in drug addiction. These facets were conceived as a wider and more specific way to intervene on the recurrent issues besieging the sheltered young adults. These activities grew to become an integral part of our interventions for young adults, sheltered or not.

In October 2001, Heberjeune de Parc Extension becomes the owner of two buildings, once again in the Parc Extension Borough. In July 2002, after major renovations, Héberjeune de Parc Extension offers 21 additional places to shelter young adults in need, including 7 places for young mothers.

Héberjeune de Parc Extension not only offers young adults a temporary place to stay at an affordable price, but a full range of social support services. The ultimate goal of the resource is to offer services that will be a launching pad helping young adults to better integrate society and take charge of their life conditions